Celebrating Black Brides: Profile #100

When I started the Black Brides series several months ago, I did so for three main reasons. 1. I used to cringe every time Mrs. Michelle Obama was called Obama's "baby mama." 2. In the classroom, I stress to my students that one of the first things formerly enslaved people did was legalize their marriages after Emancipation. 3. Finally, I love LOVE and I love weddings. My first job in high school was working at a bridal boutique. Love is powerful. It is radical. It is a form of resistance. Black women have chosen to love through slavery, Jim Crow, the Great Depression, countless wars, and even in this present moment when we must remind some that Black Lives Matter. I recognize that love does not require marriage but I wanted to feature those who pursued marriage. All of the marriages I featured did not last. Several of these relationships ended for a variety of reasons but I chose to focus on the fact that two people dared to love one another. I will always be thankful to all of the brides who agreed to be profiled.

When the series started, I had no idea that I would feature 100 women. I also had no intention of profiling myself but…SURPRISE…I’m engaged!!!!!!! Please keep us in prayer as we make our way to the altar. Thank you for following the series.