Celebrating Black Brides: Profile #93

Couple: Janice Shepherd and Ronald Hinton

Date of Wedding:  July 14, 1990

Place: Marriage Chapel (Dillon, SC)

Fun facts

The couple met in high school.  The groom, a student himself, saw his future bride in class and told the teacher that the student would be his wife one day.  The bride thought he was crazy.

The groom showed his bride that he was serious by writing her poems during high school.

The groom proposed after six months of dating.  The bride's father was working in a barn when the groom asked for her hand in marriage.  The bride's father responded by saying "you know she is not a drum.  When is the wedding?"  That was his way of telling his future son-in-law to take care of his daughter.

The couple married after 3.5 years of dating.

The couple's honeymoon was postponed because of a hurricane headed to Myrtle Beach.

The couple loves each other now more than ever before because they both put God first.