Celebrating Black Brides: Profile #43

Couple: Mae Walker Robinson and Dr. Henry Gordon Jackson

Date of Wedding:  November 24, 1923

Place: St. Philip's Protestan Episcopal Church (New York, NY)

Officiant: Father Hutchins Bishop

Fun facts

The bride was the granddaughter of Madame C.J. Walker.

9,000 guests were invited to the wedding that was described as the largest African American wedding ever held in the United States.

The couple held their wedding reception at "Villa Lewaro," Madame C.J. Walker's mansion on the Hudson.

The bride and her family ensured that all of her clothes purchased for wedding events were made by and purchased from African Americans.

Events leading up to the wedding took place over a period of eight days and cost $20,000.

The bride's wedding gown was made of sheer chiffon beaded with sea pearls.  Her dress and tulle veil were designed by Pearl Crawford Craft of Philadelphia.

As a wedding gift, the groom gave his bride a diamond brooch.

The couple divorced in 1926.