Celebrating Black Brides: Profile #62

Couple: Samaiyah Jones and Daniel Scott

Date of Wedding:  August 16, 2008

Place: St. James United Methodist Church (Kansas City, Mo)

Officiant: Congressman/Rev. Emmanuel Cleaver II

Fun facts

The couple just celebrated 10 years of marriage in August 2018 and they have 3 beautiful boys.

The couple met by happenstance in 2006 at the bride's family's Thanksgiving meal.  She was supposed to spend the holiday elsewhere but her plans fell through.  The bride's cousin invited the groom to the family gathering because the groom's parents were out of town.

At the time that the couple met, the bride was living in Memphis and the groom was in the Army so their first date was not until the following Thanksgiving.  They went on an outing with the bride's cousins after the Thanksgiving meal.

The groom's father is the pastor of Bannister Road Bapist Church in Kansas City, MO.  The groom proposed to his bride during the church's 25th anniversary banquet.

The groom arranged for his family and the bride's family to be in attendance at the church banquet for the proposal.

The groom and his 5 brothers used to sing as a quintet with their mother as the accompanist.  During the church banquet, they pretended to sing a song with the groom as soloist.  They began to sing and the groom did a "Temptations" slide out, got down on one knee, and proposed.   The bride was completely surprised but she said yes!!!

Everything about the bride's "wedding look" was done by the women closest to her.  The bride's mom made her wedding dress.  The bride's mother-in-love made all of her  jewelry, and the bride's sister did her hair and makeup.