Celebrating Black Brides: Profile #48

Couple: Nicole Eason and Devon Melvin

Date of Wedding:  May 3, 2005

Place:    Wake County Courthouse (Raleigh, NC)

Officiants: Wake County Justice of the Peace

Fun facts

The couple met in 2004.

One of the first things the groom told the bride was that she was going to be his wife. The bride did not take kindly to that declaration.  

The couple dated for 8 months.

One day they woke up and decided to get married.  They didn't have rings or family present.  Two strangers who were also getting married that day served as their witnesses and signed their marriage certificate.  The bride and groom returned the favor for that couple as well.  They testify that it does not require a traditional wedding to have a strong marriage.

The couple purchased their first home six months after marrying and they had the first child 1.5 years later.

The groom supported the bride while she completed nursing school.

The couple are the proud parents of two daughters, Genesis and Karma.

The bride and groom are convinced that they are soul mates because of their spiritual connections and ability to often communicate without words.

They are best friends and 90 percent of the time, if you see one of them, you will see both of them.

They couple loves to travel on cruises and are headed to Bermuda soon.

The couple continues to shower together after 13 years and the groom tucks the bride into bed every night.

Both partners are humanitarians; they try to quietly empower others financially, emotionally, etc.

The groom's nickname for his bride is Bunny.  The groom did not know that the nickname of the bride's father was Rabbit.