Celebrating Black Brides: Profile #29

Couple: Coretta Scott and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Date of Wedding:  June 18, 1953

Place: Lawn of the Bride's Parents' home in Marion, AL

Officiant: Rev. Martin Luther King, Sr. (groom's father)

Fun facts

The couple met while both were in graduate school in Boston and married one year and four moths after their initial meeting.

The bride's first impression of her groom was not a positive one.  She thought he looked like a boy rather than a man.  Martin normally wore a mustache to look older, but had shaved it off because he was pledging Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity

Martin's father did not initially think that Coretta was the best partner for his son. After mentioning the intelligent women from Atlanta who came from good families, Coretta retorted, "I have something to offer too."

The groom did not meet the bride's parents until days before the wedding.

The bride wore a pastel blue, waltz-length dress.

The bride had the traditional language about obeying her husband deleted from the marriage vows.

The couple spent their honeymoon in a funeral parlor that doubled as the home of a friend (who worked as an undertaker) since there were no nearby hotels open to African Americans because of segregation.  



Celebrating Black Brides: Profile #25

Couple: Dr. E. Renee Sanders and Dr. Bill Lawson

Date of Wedding:  July 4, 1997

Place: Tupper Memorial Baptist Church (Raleigh, NC)

Officiant: Reverend Victor Davis

Fun facts

The couple attended a wedding of mutual friends about 20 years before they began dating.

North Carolina’s 9th poet laureate introduced the groom to the bride.  

Guests at the couple's private ceremony were entertained by a harpist.

The couple enjoys traveling domestically and internationally.  Since marrying, they have visited over 15 countries together.

The bride is a life member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and the groom is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.